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Our complete modular hangboard allows you to optimize your home training equipment into a compact platform. It comes fully assembled and ready to install. 

Platform Hangboard (5 Hex)

SKU: 0001
Hold Colors
Hex Anchor Finish
Bolt Anchor Finish
  • Includes:

    • Hex anchor for TRX or resistance bands
    • 2 Bolt Hangers for cable cross style resistance band work
    • 2 Jug Holds for monster grip pull up holds
    • 2 Crimp Holds for developing finger and grip strength
    • 3/4" Birch plywood mounting board (30" x  8") and pro-grade T nuts
    • 2 Allen wrenches to change or rotate your holds 5/16" and 7/32"
    • Mounting instructions

    Board Dimensions: 30"x7.5"

    Shipping Weight: 10lbs


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