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Designed to be center mounted on our hangboard, the Hex Anchor opens up a wide range of training options. Quickly attach suspension training straps or even resistance bands to scale and assist dead hangs and pullups. Overbuilt for durabilty, the Hex Anchor comes coated with your choice of black, white or teal finish. Carabiners should only be clipped to the Hex Anchor using slings to avoid metal on metal contact.   

Hex Anchor

  • We offer free shipping in the continental USA for all orders over $50. This item may be combined with other items to qualify for free shipping. A shipping charge is added at checkout for orders that do not qualify for free shipping. 

  • The Hex Anchor is designed to be used with the Hexrox Hangboard, properly seated in one of the sockets and secured with a bolt and t-nut. If you are going to use the Hex Anchor without the hangboard, it is important that you note the following installation instructions.

    • To use the Hex Anchor on a wood framed wall, secure to a wall stud with a 3/8 inch lag screw that is at least 2 inches long. Pre-drill a 1/4 inch hole in the stud to accept the lag screw. Use a wrench to tighten the anchor to the wall. The anchor should not move when tight. You may secure wood screws in the side holes for further security.
    • To secure the Hex Anchor to concrete or block, use appropriate concrete fasteners and the instructions from the fastener manufacturer. 
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