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An Introduction to Hexrox

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The idea of Hexrox was born during the COVID lockdowns in 2020. While both Ryan and I firmly believe in the importance of exercise and wellness, we arrived at that conviction differently. Ryan was always more active and serious with his workouts. He weight trained since his university days and was a climber as well as a proponent of the functional fitness movement and Crossfit. I was more of an irregular and unfocused gym person. After some serious health issues twelve years ago, I began to focus on nutrition, wellness and daily cardio workouts.

Since his twenties, Ryan always had the idea of designing a compact hangboard that could offer training for climbing and fitness enthusiasts. The Covid lockdown provided him the opportunity to take the time to design, develop and test such a system. I took the opportunity to read up on exercise and health for seniors and discovered that periodic strength training is highly recommended. I introduced resistance band strength training into my exercise regimen.

The Covid lockdowns directed our practice and thinking towards products and systems that could be conveniently housed and used at home. While Ryan was independently working on systems for grip strength and functional fitness with the hangboard, I was using resistance bands almost exclusively for my strength training. It was not long before we discovered that our two forms of training could be synergistically married into a compact training platform. Ryan developed a prototype hang-board with climbing holds that locked into hexagonal sockets. These sockets allowed the holds to be rotated thus changing their grip position and degree of difficulty. The “Hexboard” also incorporated anchors to accommodate resistance bands and straps. We applied for a patent and trademark in October 2020 and registered Hexrox LLC with a business starting date of January 1, 2021. While Ryan contacted manufacturers for the board and climbing accessories, I contacted latex producers in Asia for the manufacture of quality layered resistance training bands.

Our stated mission is to responsibly create and deliver simple, attractive, innovative solutions for a healthy lifestyle. We hope to share proper product usage as well as ideas to improve general health and wellness. Ryan, as a physical trainer, will have more to offer the larger strength and fitness audience. My contribution will be to focus on encouraging seniors to develop a more active lifestyle and to incorporate safe strength training into their exercise routines.

Through our future blogs, we hope you will get to know us better and be encouraged to take a long term and proactive interest in your personal health and wellness. While we believe in what we have to offer, we know that individuals have varying levels of fitness and capabilities. We encourage you to always be in tune with our own body and to consult a medical practitioner before starting any exercise program.

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