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Basic Resistance Band Exercises

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

As an older person my goal is to remain active well into old age and my health and fitness goals reflect that. My diet is guided by what my body needs to stay healthy and my exercise regimen is to maintain strength and endurance for an active old age.

My wife and I bicycle 6 days a week, 7 miles on most days, and a longer 15 - 20 mile ride on Saturdays. Five days a week I exercise with my hexrox resistance bands, alternating between a different set of exercises each day. I only do one set of each exercise, but others may prefer to do multiple sets. I find that my single set of 4 exercises each day is easy to maintain. It allows me to be consistent and I very rarely miss a day of bicycling or band exercises.

Here are my basic exercises. Each is linked to a short video. Day 1 consists of pushing exercises. The exercises in Day 2 involve pulling. These routines are not new and have been around for years among resistance band proponents. By alternating between push and pull exercises, you allow your muscles enough time to recover. These exercise videos may also be found on our Gallery page.

Day 1: Push Exercises

Chest Press

Triceps Press

Shoulder Press


Day 2: Pull Exercises


Bent Row

Bicep Curl


I choose a band that allows me to fully complete at least 20 repetitions of each exercise with a two to three minute rest between exercises. This means that I should struggle to complete the 20 reps as well as any incomplete reps as I struggle towards the end of the set. When I am able to complete 30 reps of any exercise with my chosen resistance, I increase the resistance by moving up a band. You can increase the resistance by moving up a band or doubling bands. For example, if you are using the heavy band for the chest press, the next progression would be with the heavy band and the extra-light band, then the heavy band and the light band, and so forth. I keep my repetitions slow and controlled, with at least two seconds each for the concentric and eccentric movement.

On the weekend (my rest days), I always do a set of free squats and push-ups. I find that my exercise routine helps me meet my health and fitness goals. I am personally not looking to bulk up, but to maintain a healthy weight, build strength and endurance, and keep the doctor away except for my annual checkups

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